Many gamblers of poker in Kuta Bali indonesia getting arrest by local police

A total of 14 women perpetrators gamble ayamjuve poker uang asli terpercaya in Jalan Setia Budi asianĀ indonesia, Kuta, Badung, Bali, police arrested. The fourteen arrested actors ranging from managers, supervisors, cashiers, and referees. Police are still hunting gambling owners.

Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation General of Bali Police AKBP Sugeng Sudarso said the police had been staking a week of online gambling activity before making the arrest. Then arrested on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at around 22:30 pm.

“When we were out there, there were only 12 people playing. It was when we were raining in the rain, so the place was quiet. Currently we are still hunting the owner, “he said, Tuesday (16/1/2018).

Sugeng explained that 14 people were arrested with initials HAR (44) as manager, GUN (45) supervisor, NUK (36) cashier, Indi (29) cashier, PIN (25) cashier, DIA (22) referee, YUD (29) , BAR (24) Referees, IW (20) referees, ISN (31) referees, KOM (30) referees, MI (20), DW (48) referees, and ER (37) referees.

He explains, gambling game is not using money but using gold. To be able to play gambling the players have to buy a voucher worth Rp100.000. “In their daily turnover of at least Rp30 million. When we duck there we find money around Rp630 million, “he explained.

Sugeng added, the evidence confiscated in the form of a set of genuine money poker reliable, 1 black vault, 15 wallets where the gold contains 16 rings with a point value of each 1,000 points. In addition, there are also 2 pieces of wallet where gold point 2.000 contains 3 pieces of gold rings.

There are 27 bundles of vouchers with 1,000 points, 77 bundles of vouchers with 100 points, 3 report books, 60 units of genuine trustworthy poker cash machines, 2 units dingdong doraemon machine, 1 unit of fish machine, 1 money counting machine, and many again.

“They violate Article 303 jo Article 2 of Law No 7/1974 on Gambling Control. The threat of maximum penalty 10 years in prison, “he concluded.