4 Natural Ways to Eliminate Legs and Permanent Feet

Natural Ways to Eliminate Feather and Feet | Many people assume that humans have feathers (soft and smooth layers on the surface of the body) on the feet, hands, armpits, and others. This definition is often misunderstood, the truth is that humans have fine hair. The appearance of fine hairs on the feet and hands can be caused by several factors such as genetic, environmental, diet, lifestyle, and others.

Most owners of feathers on the feet are male. Sometimes men use it as a sign of their courage and courage. Not a few men who do not like the legs and hands are too dense.

Another case with women who think that if you have hair on the feet and hands is a big disaster that can disrupt their appearance and beauty. With the feathers of the feet and hands on women, they will not be considered beautiful and smooth-skinned.

Due to the many problems that arise due to long and thick legs and hair, we give you a Natural Remedy Removal solution for you. This way you should try because it is made from natural ingredients that contain no side effects and also can nourish your skin. The following references and reviews.

Natural Ways to Eliminate Hand and Permanent Hair Feathers
How to remove the fur and hands naturally and quickly can use traditional materials such as honey, sugar, lemon and others that are practiced routinely so that over time the legs and hands fall out by itself.

1. Threshing Feathers Using Lemon, Sugar, and Honey.
The use of these three ingredients can remove the feathers on your feet and hands by being pulled against the growth of large amounts of hair by wearing a cloth. How:

Combine 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and also 3 tablespoons of natural honey evenly
Boil all three of the mixture without using any additional ingredients until caramel shaped, and let stand until cool
Apply your body with feather evenly, then cover the liquid with a cloth. Press-press the fabric until it attaches to the surface of the skin
Next, pull the cloth opposite the hair growth (from bottom to top). You will feel a little pain but the results you get will be good and maximum

2. Use White Egg, Wheat Flour, and Sugar.
Egg whites have good benefits for hair care, but if mixed with flour and sugar will inhibit hair growth. This method does not make the pain because it only rub it on the feet and hands on a regular basis. How to make :

Prepare 1 egg and daan take just white, 2 tablespoons sugar, and also jug a1 tablespoon flour that is good quality
Mix the three ingredients until they become paste and apply on your hairy skin, rub gently until all the feathers fall out
This method is effective when used to remove fine hairs on your hands and skin. Not effective if used to remove the feathers are already dense.

3. Eliminate Feathers With Camphor, Kerosene, and Pepper.
This method does look extreme because it uses kerosene and camphor. Apparently kerosene has properties as a barrier to the growth of feathers. Camphor is effective for removing feathers. And pepper is very good to use because it is as an antibacterial that can prevent the onset of infection or allergy. How to:

Prepare 2 tablespoons of pepper powder, 1 teaspoon lime barusa and also kerosene to taste
Mix the mothballs and merra smooth, pour a little kerosene to a paste
Apply on the body part of the feather and rub in the opposite direction slowly for 10 minutes
Rinse with warm water and use soap to remove kerosene clean

4. Use turmeric and whiting.
Eliminating the hand and feather legs can also use a mixture of turmeric and whiting. Hot properties on whiting can serve as thresher feather legs and your hands. Do not mix too much betel sirus because it will burn your skin. Whiting and turmeric is a good blend to throw off the feathers. How:

Prepare 2 tablespoons of turmeric that has been mashed and 2 teaspoon whiting
Mix a little water and stir until it becomes a paste
Apply on parts of your body that contain feathers and rub the pans for 15 minutes
Finally, rinse with warm water until clean
Natural Ways to Eliminate Hand Brushing and above you can try at home with regular and painstaking. Using a natural way can make your skin healthy and avoid harmful side effects. In addition, the use of natural materials is also easier and also permanent.

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